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     Jeff Isaacson started  Honey Bee Ice Cream Company the summer of 1974 in downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado.  Having learned how to make frozen desserts from his Mother as a young boy, and then working as a commercial beekeeper in Western Colorado, he ultimately blended these two activities in to a sweet commercial enterprise.  Having a bountifull surplus of Rocky Mountain Honey as a pure simple sweetener for his burgeoning ice cream and Italian Ice business, this was a perfect culinary match.  While working directly with the orchardists as a beekeeper, Jeff had direct access to the 'fruits' of his labor to produce fresh organic sorbets and gelato.  In many instances from tree to cup or cone was mere days, customer direct was not just a statement, it was a fact!  While Jeffreezz was making his delicious ice cream, his customers continued to demand a steady source of his mouth-watering treats.  While tending to his bees during the week, Jeff had found that his steadily growing fans of the 'Freezz' were lining up at festivals and faires on the weekends and the demand was growing each summer.  Now  Jeffreezz produces over 2 dozen flavors utilizing special blends of varietal honey and his favorites include floral essences and spices. 
     While Jeff  specializes in gelato of non-dairy based ingredients, he continues to manufacture his custard based organic ice-cream. We have been procuring much of our milk and cream from Morning Star Dairy from the Eastern Slope of Colorado. 
     Jeffs gelato which are of the Sicilian Style are made primarily of fruits and a multitude of  sweeteners; including varietal honeys, maple syrup, turbinado sugar, raw cane sugar and our own home grown stevia.  We are in close proximity to some of the finest fruit orchards on the Western Slope of Colorado.  We pride ourselves in procuring  certified organic fresh fruits for all of Our products.   
He cant cook, but he sure can Freezz!!

Here I'am packing my fresh apricot sorbet. directly from the tree that grows outside our kitchen