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    *Gelato  *Sorbetto  *Italian Ice
      Sicilian flair & Russian artistry meld together. As a youngster and being the oldest son of a Sicilian Mother, my job on hot summer Sunday afternoons was to help churn our refreshing lemon ice for Our family to enjoy.    Begrudgingly, I would clean up after playing ball,  pulling the stainless steel bowl from the refrigerator freezer, mixing & stirring the semi frozen mix to utter perfection.  After a few hours of freezing and countless hours and years of churning and folding,  I still welcome this refreshing dessert, particularly after a Big Sunday dinner of pasta.   
     While I still make ices  the 'Old Fashioned' way. We are freezing our small batch products by more modern methods. Jeff, at a tender age, realized he was born to 'Freezz !!' He still makes his famous Italian Ices, as well, as sorbettos, gelato and slow churned old fashion ice cream. We hope that you will find enjoyment, as My Family has.  Thanks for 'clicking on'...

Leroux Creek Farms supplies us with Organic Produce


   We pride ourselves on utilizing some of the finest fruits and raw ingredients from right here on the Western Slope of Colorado.  By  hand picking the fruit at its ripest moment.  And, by individually going thru each batch meticulously to ensure that only the very Finest fruit goes into My  desserts.  I've always maintained that if I, and My Family are  personally going to enjoy Our desserts, that 'only the best'  possible ingredients available would go into our products, just for you!  Please take a Look at Our web-site.  Contact me if your interested in having us ship overnite right to your front door, so You too, may continue to share in our enjoyment! 

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